Gifts to the YMCA Endowment Fund can be made in a number of ways, depending on a person's individual preference and situation:

  • $1,000 Annually
  • $25,000 Life Insurance
  • Cash, Stock or IRA's for lifetime status
  • 401K



While we cannot predict the future, we do have the ability to positively impact future generations. We can do this by helping to ensure that the YMCA mission-driven services like those of yesterday and today are available and accessible for many years to come.
The guiding principle behind the YMCA Endowment Fund is that people can decide today to make a future financial commitment to the Y through estate planning.  The plans we make today will support future generations of parents and grandparents in their efforts to instill the values, skills and habits in their children, grandchildren and future generations to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. 
The annual earnings from the Endowment Fund provide financial resources to assist in delivery of program and membership services as well as capital repairs and replacements. Gifts may be used to support a specific branch of service area, to perpetuate an annual gift, to provide program financial assistance or to sponsor specific programs.
 Any individual who commits an annual planned gift, or makes a contribution to a current YMCA endowment fund is honored by the YMCA as a Cornerstone Endowment Society member. Members of our YMCA Cornerstone Endowment Society are invited annually to a dinner event and will receive several special-release YMCA publications.
Why Should You Become a Member?
We know that our children and grandchildren will be faced with challenges of their own as they grow and prosper in life. The Y Cornerstone Endowment Society, founded in 1998, was established in order to help our YMCA keep pace with those challenges and ensure that innovative, high-quality, mission-driven YMCA programs and services will be there to lend support, guidance and friendship to our future generations.
The guiding principle behind the YMCA Cornerstone Endowment Society is that individuals can decide today to make a future financial commitment to the YMCA through estate planning. While members of the Cornerstone Endowment Society come from diverse backgrounds, they all share a common bond. They are compassionate and committed visionaries, who have willfully chosen to make a difference in the lives of others, not only today, but well into the future.
Membership Requirements
While the average Cornerstone Endowment Society commitment is higher, an annual gift of $1,000 to $25,000 qualifies an individual for a membership. This gift can be made using cash, check, stocks, bonds, life insurance or estate planning.  We encourage you to consider extending your YMCA involvement beyond the here and now, and become a member of the YMCA Cornerstone Endowment Society. As a Society member, you will help positively shape the lives of those who will one day shape our community, our country and our world.
Benefits of Cornerstone Endowment Society Membership
The YMCA honors its Society members and their commitment to the future in a number of ways:
An invitation to attend the Y's Annual Meeting Celebration
Recognition on the Cornerstone Endowment Society roster included in YMCA of The Capital Area annual report, on the Association website, the Cornerstone Dinner Program and press releases.
Annual update and press releases on Endowment Fund investments.
To learn more about how you can become involved in the Y Cornerstone Endowment Society, please contact Christian Engle at

Cornerstone Endowment Members

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