Lifeguard certification


If you have ever wanted to become a lifeguard and be specialized in CPR, AED and First Aid, then why not try the Y? Those who participate in the YMCA's lifeguard certification program learn the necessary lifeguard skills to perform CPR on a child, adult and infant, use an AED and perform first aid.

Upon successful completion of the course the participant will be certified in:

  • YMCA Lifeguarding
  • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer
  • Basic First Aid and Oxygen Administration

Lifeguard Training

Must be 16 years of age
Must be able to pass the following Physical Competency Requirements (conducted on the first day of class)
        Swim 100 yards of front crawl
        Tread water for two minutes
        Swim 50 yards of each
                1. Front crawl with the head up
                2. Sidestroke 
                3. Breaststroke
                4. Breaststroke with head up
                5. Elementary Backstroke kick with hands on chest

Sprint for a distance, then pick up an object from the bottom of the pool. Swim the remaining length, and hoist yourself out of the water. Finally, immediately begin compression on an adult mannequin.  

Lifeguard Certification

To receive a  lifeguard certification a candidate must:

  • Attend 100% of all class sessions
  • Arrive on time for all class sessions
  • Participate 100% in all class sessions
  • Pass written and skills test
  • Demonstrate maturity, respect and responsibility regardless of passing written and skill test
  • Candidates unable to perform all the skills necessary to receive certification by the last day of the class will be granted a conditional certification. It is up to the student to schedule a retest with the instructor within 30 days

Lifeguard Certification-Class Times

Class times and dates vary by class.

Program Fee:

  •     Members: $200
  •     Program Participants: $225


Aquatics Contacts

  • Association Aquatics Director

    Jonathan Lee
    225-766-2991 ext. 1306
  • Americana YMCA
  • A.C. Lewis YMCA

    Stacey R. Adams

  • C.B. Pennington Jr. YMCA

    Sarah Kelley

  • Dow Westside YMCA

    Jessica Huckaby
  • ExxonMobil YMCA

    Jonathan Lee
  • Paula G. Manship YMCA

    Tracy Yoes
  • Southside YMCA

    Tracy Yoes