Customize your health and wellness-free to all members!

The ActivTrax system provides members with an easy and efficient way of scheduling workouts, meal plans and nutritional grocery lists. The training program serves as your workout partner and understands your wants, needs and goals.

To start up an ActivTrax account set up an appointment with a wellness coach. Once enrolled, login to ActivTrax and begin planning your exercise experience. To continue your training, track your progress online. Your ActivTrax experience by taking a quick 5 step strength test. Then ActivTrax will prescribe exercises based on your results. Each routine will include the amount of weights and reps to use during your workout. You can print this information from home or from an ActivTrax kiosk. 

Customized Workouts
With every visit to the Y, ActivTrax will provide you with a new workout, maintaining your exercise routine while keeping things fresh and interesting. Along with scheduling workouts, the program will recommend what equipment to use, how to set weights and the length of rest between sets. Regardless of fitness level-beginner, intermediate or advanced-ActivTrax provides easy and successful ways to challenge your workout.

Nutrition Tracking 

Along with ActivTrax’s unique fitness program, the plan includes a nutritional component that complements your workout routine. ActivTrax’s nutrition engine maintains a database of over 70,000 food options and offers a specialized dietary menu that compliments your work out.